natu-reverb AC-1 MAX for acoustic guitar

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A completely analog spring reverb that is applied directly to the guitar body creates a pleasant acoustic lingering sound.

■ Sound comparison video

They will be played in the following order: "No reverb," ​​"When AC-1n is installed," and "When AC-1 MAX (this product) is installed."

■ Differences from normal AC-1n for acoustic guitars

By increasing the number of springs and the size of the body, AC-1 MAX can provide even higher density reverb . It also increases the brightness of the treble , allowing you to enjoy a wider range of sound.

The standard AC-1n provides sufficient reverb, but we also recommend the AC-1 MAX for those who prefer larger scale reverb.

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[Compatible instruments]
Compatible with general acoustic guitars.
However, it may not be able to be installed on guitars with a sound hole diameter of 7 cm or less, or with side height of 8 cm or less.

[body size, weight]
Size: 13.3 cm × 5.3 cm × 5.8 cm (length, width and height)
Body weight: approx. 135 g
Shipping weight: about 500g

[What is included in the product]
AC-1 MAX, magnet parts set, instruction manual, special case

What is "natu-reverb" ?


Pleasant sound comes from within

The natu-reverb is a patented spring reverb that adds richness to acoustic guitars, classical guitars and ukuleles.

A natural analog reverb is generated from inside the instrument , so you can enjoy a pleasant performance from the moment you pick up the instrument.​

natu-reverb is an item for those who want to cherish the raw sound of acoustic instruments.

Which is more important, the amp sound or the raw sound?

The sound coming out of the amplifier and the raw sound from the instrument body.

Of course, both are important, but since it's an acoustic instrument, I still want to enjoy the live sound. Also, at home, you probably spend a lot of time listening to live sounds .

Would you like to enjoy your usual performance more by upgrading the live sound ?

And analog, not digital, reverb is best for live acoustic instruments.

Feel free to enjoy the sound of the stage at home

Unlike digital reverb that adds reverberation to the sound picked up by the pickup, the natu-reverb adds reverberation to the instrument itself , resulting in an overwhelmingly natural reverb.

Would you like to experience the sound of a concert hall in your usual room?

From beginners to advanced players, this is the simplest and most familiar item for those who want to enjoy the sound of wood on acoustic instruments.