Please be careful about spam sites and fake sites.


Thank you for considering Logic Wave products.

Currently, many fake sites pretending to sell Logic Wave products have been confirmed.
If you click on such a site and place an order, not only will you not receive the product, but your credit card information and personal information may be leaked.
If you see a site like this in your search results, please refrain from clicking on it .

In order for customers to shop with peace of mind, please be sure to purchase from the official store below.


[Store/site directly operated by Logic Wave]

Official store

natu-reverb product site

Old official store (BASE store)





▼How to identify spam sites

Every time we see a spam site, we request Google or Yahoo! to remove it, but unfortunately we have not found a fundamental solution.

Therefore, we would like to tell you how to identify spam sites on your own.

Example when searching for “Nature Reverb”

In fact, when you search for ``Nature Reverb'' on Google, the following spam site appears in the 12th place. (As of October 21, 2023)
In addition, similar spam sites can be found here and there after the 13th place.

Examples of phishing sites

The typical characteristics of such spam sites are as follows.

① The name of the website has nothing to do with the product or manufacturer
② The domain of the URL has nothing to do with the product or manufacturer
③ Unnaturally many reviews
④ Unnaturally low price
⑤ Unnatural images taken without permission from Mercari etc.

These spam sites use malicious methods to trick customers into clicking.

We have also confirmed fake sites displaying marks such as Yahoo! and Mercari.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



[Store/site directly operated by Logic Wave]

Official store

natu-reverb product site

Old official store (BASE store)


List of articles

Why we care about reverb

We will explain in the representative/developer's own words why Logic Wave is so particular about reverb.

Trial and error in millimeters

We would like to explain the attention to detail that goes into our main product, natu-reverb, down to the millimeter level.

Behind-the-scenes story behind the development of natu-reverb

We will look back at the beginning of planning and development for natu-reverb and explain its history.

Interview project “Echo”

We will ask artists who are currently using Logic Wave products how they use the products and their thoughts on music.

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