The Pick Master™

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✔ The pick gradually becomes misaligned while playing...
✔ I want to relax and play more freely
✔ Want to quickly switch between pick and finger picking

This is a new product developed by Logic Wave to fulfill the wishes of such players.
*Patent applied (patent application 2013148312)

■ A world without the concept of deviation

This item doesn't just prevent slippage, it erases the very concept of slippage.
Why not free yourself from the worry of misplaced picks and concentrate on playing?

■ More free play

In order to prevent the pick from slipping, unnecessary force is often applied.
If you use this item, you won't need such unnecessary power.
Would you like to experience a state of weakness and acquire lean picking skills?

■ Instantly store picks

With this item, you can easily store your pick inside your hand.
Not only can you switch to finger picking, but you can also pick up a pen and write on the score.

You can save a little money by buying in bulk. Women and children with small hands should choose size S.

Quantity/Size: Single item (regular) 3000 yen
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The pick master not only solves the problem of misaligned picks.
Creates a state of weakness and supports the improvement of picking skills.

It's simple and easy to use.

1. Wearing the band
2. Installing the pick 3. Adjusting the grip comfort
4. Final touches

→ See details on how to use


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