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natu-reverb AC-1n for acoustic guitar
Sale price¥14,850 Regular price¥16,500
natu-reverb AC-1 MAX for acoustic guitar
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natu-reverb CG-1n for classical guitar
Sale price¥14,850 Regular price¥16,500
natu-reverb CG-1 "Church" for classical guitar
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natu-reverb UK-1n for ukulele
Sale price¥14,850 Regular price¥16,500
natu-reverb magnet parts [for additional purchase]
natu-reverb AC-1b for acoustic bass
natu-reverb VN-1 (reverb for violin/viola/cello)
natu-reverb inner plate set of 3
natu-reverb reverb adjustment cushion set of 5
Sitar Express Sitar Express for acoustic guitar
Sitar Express for electric guitar
Pitch improvement tool "otoishi" for those who are concerned about fret tone deafness
Peg Post Cap Set of 8 Peg Covers to Prevent Injuries from String Tips