Sitar Express™ for acoustic guitar [2024 new model]

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Transform your existing acoustic guitar!
When attached to the bridge saddle, you can enjoy a unique sitar-like tone.

Everything from the shape to the size and angle has been carefully designed to create a unique sitar sound.

After installing, you can return to the normal guitar sound by moving the parts. Also, since it is attached using the included reusable putty, it can be easily attached and detached.

[Differences from old products]
In the old product, the height was adjusted with a wrench, but this product's simple design allows adjustment without tools.

*Sitar Express™ is limited to official direct sales only. Please note that this item is not available at any other stores.

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 ※銀行振込あと払い (Paidy) もご利用いただけます

[Guitar compatibility conditions]
Compatible with acoustic guitars with standard bridge and saddle shapes.
If the saddle is too low or too high, it can be difficult to set up. (Recommended saddle height: 2mm to 5mm)
Also, if the surface of the bridge is extremely sloped, you may need to devise an installation method.

[What is included in the product]
7 main parts (6 + 1 spare), mounting putty, case

▼ What kind of sound does it make?

It produces an unpredictable and mysterious sound, almost like a sitar.
Check out the example performance in the video.

▼ How do I use it?

Adjust so that the vibrating strings and sitar express are slightly touching.

[3 steps of setting]
1. Apply a small amount of putty to the parts
2. Temporarily fasten to the edge of the bridge
3. Adjust to your desired position

Please watch the video for specific adjustment methods.