Sitar Express™

"Mood jumps to India"
~Exotic sounds with your usual guitar~

▼Charm of the sitar

The sitar has a long history, and is said to have originated in northern India around the 14th century.

The sitar sound that instantly transports you to another world has been used in many famous songs.

It has been used not only in world famous songs such as the Beatles' "Norwegian Wood" and Pat Metheny's "Last Train Home," but also in Japanese popular music such as SMAP's "Yozora Nomukou."

▼How to start playing sitar

Even a simple melody can be transformed into an attractive phrase with plenty of impact just by playing it with the tone of a sitar.

However, there are many hurdles that stand in the way of playing the sitar.

Cost of instruments and strings, how to obtain them, maintenance costs, storage locations, difficulty of playing...

Without the support of an expert, it is not something you can start with a very light mindset.

▼Feel like you're in India

Therefore, Sitar Express was born.

Even if you don't have a dedicated instrument or special effector, you can get a sitar-like sound by attaching it to your guitar.

``I feel like I'm flying straight to India''

Would you like to enjoy exotic tones with your regular guitar?