Sitar Express Sitar Express for acoustic guitar

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Introducing an item that allows you to enjoy sitar-like tones when attached to an acoustic guitar. If you set it next to the bridge and adjust the height of the bridge, you can get a fantastic oriental sound from your usual guitar.

Production of this product has been discontinued due to rising costs for raw materials and various processes.
Stock is limited, so if it is out of stock, please consider the current item .

[Supported guitar conditions]

Please make sure that the acoustic guitar meets all of the following.

・Distance from 1st string to 6th string is 49mm to 59mm
・Distance between body top and strings is 10mm to 18mm (measured near the bridge)
・Body top must be flat
・There are no obstacles to installation.

[What is included in the product]
Sitar Express main unit, adjustment wrench, fixing putty, spare knob x 1, bottom shifter, hardshell case

▼ How do I use it?

The subtle touch of the vibrating strings and sitar express creates a mysterious sound.

The Sitar Express is attached with the included fixing putty and can be removed at will.
If you are concerned about the effect of the oil finish on the paint, please first install it in an inconspicuous place and check that there is no problem.

Watch the video for details on how to use it.