About Logic Wave


What is Logic Wave?

Logic Wave is a new manufacturer launched in March 2022 by Keizo Ishibashi, a professional player of acoustic instruments such as guitar and mandolin.

At Logic Wave, acoustic instrument players themselves plan and develop products.
We aim to create a product that not only makes you think, ``Wow, this looks interesting!'' but also makes you think , ``Why didn't this exist before?'' after using it.

On average, we go through over 50 prototypes before a single product is completed.
On the other hand, we strive to eliminate complexity at the commercialization stage so that our customers can enjoy the product simply and in the end.

- Origin of Logic Wave -

It comes from the development philosophy of pursuing a ``wave-like sound experience'' based on `` logic, both physical and empirical .''


Please pay attention to the dealer

In order to deliver products directly to customers and provide support, sales are limited to official online stores only. Please note that this item is not available at musical instrument stores, Amazon, Rakuten Market, etc.

In order to ensure a safe shopping experience for our customers, please be sure to purchase from the official store below.

[Store/site directly operated by Logic Wave]

Official store (currently displayed site)

natu-reverb product site

Old store (BASE store)

Fake sites claiming to sell Logic Wave products have been discovered in search results on Google, Yahoo!, etc.
Please be careful not to click on such sites. ( Click here for details )

List of articles

Why we care about reverb

We will explain in the representative/developer's own words why Logic Wave is so particular about reverb.

Trial and error in millimeters

We would like to explain the attention to detail that goes into our main product, natu-reverb, down to the millimeter level.

Behind-the-scenes story behind the development of natu-reverb

We will look back at the beginning of planning and development for natu-reverb and explain its history.

Interview project “Echo”

We will ask artists who are currently using Logic Wave products how they use the products and their thoughts on music.

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