How to use the pick master

This page explains how to use the Pick Master.

1. Wear the band

The band is free size.
Wrap it around your thumb and secure it as tight as you like.
If the band is too long and gets in the way, please cut it with scissors.

Please refer to the image for the correct direction to attach the band.
If not, please reinstall it.

・Make sure the magnet is on the side of your thumb ・Make sure the protruding part is on the right side as you face it

2. Attach the pick

First, attach the included sticker to the top of the pick.
Next, roll up the feather and turn it around the back.

Be sure to leave a gap of several millimeters between the blade and the pick.
(If there is not enough space, it will be difficult for the sticker to stick.)

3. Adjust grip comfort

Attach the connecting parts and band.
Then, try holding the pick and see how it feels.
If you feel uncomfortable, adjust it.

Adjustment method:
1. Change the position, angle, and tightness of the band
2. Change the position of the sticker
3. Adjust the angle by bending the wire

4. Make the final touches

Make sure the sticker is firmly attached so that it does not come off while playing.
Use your fingernail to press the sticker onto the surface of the pick or blade.

Make sure to firmly fix the seal, especially in the gap between the pick and the blade.

The preparation is now complete.
First, try playing in a relaxed state.
As a test, try putting pressure on your fingers just at the moment when the pick hits the string, and then completely relaxing the rest of the time.

Reference: Tips for weak picking

This video explains tips for light picking.

What if you are in trouble?

Q. The band is too long and difficult to attach. → If the band is too long, please cut it with scissors.

Q. The sticker is peeling off.
Before applying the sticker, please remove any oil from the surface of the pick. Also, as explained on this page, leave a gap of several millimeters between the pick and the blade. If you stick the sticker in the gap tightly, it will be difficult to peel off.

Q. I can't store the pick properly.
 The magnetic part can be rotated with a light force. If the rotation stops midway, it may be installed incorrectly. Make sure the band is oriented correctly.

Q. The pick sticks out too far towards the fingertips . → Adjust the sticker placement position, and if the pick still sticks out too far towards the fingertips, bend the wire towards you to adjust.