natu-reverb customer testimonials

Here are some testimonials from actual customers.
I hope you can use it as a reference for the image of what life with Naturi Reverb is like.

More reverb than you can imagine

When you actually experience it, you can feel a much richer reverb through your body than you could have imagined from watching videos.

It feels like a reverb for the player.

Feeling better in an instant

As soon as you put it on, you will feel better.

And now, three months later, I feel so much better.
I think it's because the practice time naturally increased.

You can go anywhere if you close your eyes

It feels like you're somewhere else, even though you're playing in your usual room.

If you close your eyes, you will have the strange sensation of playing in a concert hall.

Record beautiful sound without editing

Until now, I was worried about the sound and edited the video taken with my smartphone as it was.

When I put on the natural reverb, it's very comfortable because the sound is beautiful with just the right amount of reverb even when I take a quick shot.

It's fun and I forget the time

because it feels so good

I forget the time and play it.

I never thought I would enjoy playing the guitar so much after playing it for over 10 years.

The instrument of memories shined again

There was an instrument that I had a fondness for, but didn't like because it didn't sound good.

I was surprised to find that it regained its brilliance when I turned on the natural reverb.

I'm happy to see more of the instruments I'm attached to.

Not using electricity is good

The sound is natural and nice, but I like that it's analog and doesn't use electricity.

It is said that when you seek good sound, you end up with a simple shape, and this may be true.

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List of articles

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We will explain in the representative/developer's own words why Logic Wave is so particular about reverb.

Trial and error in millimeters

We would like to explain the attention to detail that goes into our main product, natu-reverb, down to the millimeter level.

Behind-the-scenes story behind the development of natu-reverb

We will look back at the beginning of planning and development for natu-reverb and explain its history.

Interview project “Echo”

We will ask artists who are currently using Logic Wave products how they use the products and their thoughts on music.

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