Regarding responses to resale and fraudulent orders

Recently, orders for resale and fraudulent orders using a third party's credit card have been occurring at our store.

Such orders are not acceptable, as they not only cause damage to our store, but also affect our services and prices for general customers.

For this reason, our store takes all preventive measures and has a policy of strictly dealing with fraudulent orders that have already occurred.



■Resale is prohibited

Purchases for the purpose of resale on domestic and overseas flea market sites, auction sites, and other e-commerce sites are strictly prohibited.
Our store regularly patrols each site and will take strict action against continued resale activities.

We would like to ask the general public not to purchase any resold (new) items even if they are found.
If you purchase such resale items, you may be participating in fraudulent orders as described below.

Please note that there is no problem with purchasing on behalf of a friend or family member.



 Regarding fraudulent orders and spoofed orders

If a third party's credit card number is used, it is considered computer fraud.

In addition, orders made by impersonating another person or mischievous orders are considered fraud, attempted fraud, or obstruction of business.

For such orders, we will file a damage report with the police, identify the orderer by IP address, and request compensation for damages.

We will also file a damage report if we determine that it was an intentional malicious act.



 Regarding systematic fraudulent orders

In recent years, malicious organizational methods have been confirmed on the Internet, SNS, LINE, etc. that promote fraudulent orders by calling them ``How to purchase for zero yen,'' ``Purchase agency work,'' ``Easy side job that anyone can do,'' etc. .

The higher ups in the organization may have told you that there is no risk of being charged with a crime, but they can easily abandon you as if you were a lizard's tail.

Regardless of whether you are aware of the crime or not, you will be charged with the crimes listed above, so please do not participate in such crimes.

If you have any concerns, please contact the following immediately.

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