A must-see for those who want to post guitar performances with good sound on SNS! Introduce tips for creating a sound that shines

When you see wonderful performances of guitar playing and solo guitar posted on SNS, I think there are many people who think, "I want to post such performances myself."

When you see a nice posted video, you may think, "How can I play so well?"

However, if you put your ingenuity and record with good sound, your video should be even more wonderful than now.

This time, I will introduce you to an easy-to-understand method to improve the sound quality of the video with a little ingenuity.


Improve your shooting environment

First of all, I will introduce the easiest shooting environment ingenuity.


Shoot in a quiet room

When shooting video, it is important to shoot in a quiet room as much as possible.

In order to accurately pick up the sound of the guitar, which is the sound source, an environment with little ambient noise is desirable.

When noise from outside or the voices of family and friends come in, the sound is mixed and the sound quality deteriorates.


Bring the mic closer to get enough volume

When recording a guitar performance video, it is better to position the microphone closer to the guitar.

This is because the closer you are, the more accurately you can pick up the sound of the guitar, which is the sound source. The farther the mic is from the guitar, the quieter the sound and the more likely it is to degrade the quality of the sound.

Also, by placing the mic closer to you, you can filter out ambient sounds and background noise, and improve sound quality.


Adjusting the position and direction of the microphone

When recording a video of a guitar playing, where you point the mic will depend on your playing style and recording environment.

In general, pointing it toward the body of the guitar will pick up the low and middle tones and give a better sense of localization.

Also, if you point it at the soundhole of your guitar, you can pick up the high notes, and you can get the warmth and natural sound quality of the sound.

Aiming at the fingerboard is also effective for picking up the entire string.

In some cases it is possible to use multiple microphones and record from different parts. This allows you to make recordings that suit your style.


Improve your recording equipment

Next, I will introduce the ingenuity of recording equipment when shooting videos.


attach an external microphone

An external mic can pick up sound of a higher quality than the mic built into your camera. In addition, there are various types of external microphones, and you can choose a microphone that suits your performance style and environment.

External microphones can record from different positions, such as the fingerboard, soundhole, or the performer's mouth, and can improve sound quality.

However, when using an external microphone, it's important to choose one that matches your recording environment. Also, don't forget to prepare the necessary adapters and cables when connecting to the camera.


Recording with a device other than the smartphone

Smartphones are convenient for shooting, but the sound quality is inferior to dedicated recorders and recording devices.

Therefore, you can obtain high-quality audio by recording audio with a separate recorder while shooting with a smartphone.

Also, when shooting with a smartphone, the sound may be low, but you can adjust the volume by recording with a separate recorder.


edit sound source

It is also important to edit the sound source of the recorded video in order to have a beautiful performance heard.


Adjusting volume and sound pressure

It is important to adjust the volume and sound pressure after taking a video of the guitar performance.

If the balance between volume and sound pressure is not good, the impression of your performance may be bad.

In addition, by adjusting the balance of volume and sound pressure, you can hear the performance sound and singing voice more clearly, and the sound quality can be improved.

You can also use video editing software to adjust the balance of volume and sound pressure.

Volume and sound pressure can be adjusted after shooting, so we recommend that you always make adjustments in order to provide a comfortable acoustic environment for your audience.


apply reverb

Applying reverb to a sound source is effective in improving sound quality.

Reverb is an effect that adds reverberation to a sound source, giving it depth and naturalness.

Especially in the case of acoustic guitars, when recording in a small room, the sound is limited, so applying reverb can spread the sound and produce a natural sound quality.

However, if you apply too much reverb, the sound may become too mixed and difficult to hear, so it is important to apply it in moderation.

It's also important to choose the right reverb for your recording environment and playing style.







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