What are the advantages and disadvantages of transacoustic guitars? Also introduces comparison with natu-reverb


I'm sure there are many people who would like to enjoy better sound from their acoustic guitars and classical guitars.

Spatial effects such as reverb are essential to enjoying good sound from acoustic instruments.


YAMAHA's transacoustic guitar is famous for its ability to easily enjoy reverberation sounds without using an amplifier or effector.

However, transacoustic guitars that cost at least 700USD or more are not cheap purchases .

It is a good idea to carefully check the advantages and disadvantages before making a purchase decision.


In this article, I would like to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of transacoustic guitars , as well as a comparison with natu-reverb.




▼What is a transacoustic guitar?

A transacoustic guitar is a special guitar developed by Yamaha. When you turn on the power, an effect is output from the built-in vibration speaker, allowing you to enjoy a sound that sounds like an effect has been applied to the live sound.

The basic effects that can be used are reverb and chorus, but some similar products (such as the DOUBLE S1 PRO) also include a delay.

You can adjust the depth of each effect using dedicated knobs.

Also, since it is equipped with a pickup, it can be output to headphones or an external amplifier.




▼What is natu-reverb?

The natu-reverb is an item that allows you to get the effect of spring reverb just by attaching it to the sound hole of your guitar, without requiring a power supply or pickup.

Coming in March 2022, it has been patented by new Japanese manufacturer Logic Wave.

It uses no electricity and produces a true analog sound, so you can get a very natural reverb sound.

In addition, since it does not require processing like a pickup, it is easy to remove and adjust its position, making it easy to change the amount and quality of reverb.

Because it is a new patented technology, there are no other similar products.


Good news for those who play guitar or ukulele!

An item that allows you to add analog reverb without any processing has been created.
Moreover, it has an eco-friendly design that does not use electricity.

``natu-reverb'' is for those who want to fully enjoy the sound of acoustic music.
Please check it out.




▼Difference between transacoustic guitar and natural reverb

trans acoustic guitar


  1. In addition to reverb, you can also select effects such as chorus and echo.
  2. You can finely adjust effect types and parameters.
  3. The effect is output from the built-in speaker, so it does not affect the tone or volume of the guitar itself.
  4. Effects can also be output to headphones or an external amplifier.


  1. Must purchase a special guitar
  2. Power supplies and cables are required, so you can't enjoy effects anytime and anywhere.
  3. Digital effect sounds may lack analog naturalness
  4. The effect is output from the built-in speaker, so it can be heard by those around you.




  1. Easy to attach to various acoustic guitars
  2. No power supply or cables required, so you can enjoy reverb anytime, anywhere.
  3. Completely analog and natural reverb sound
  4. Easy to remove and adjust position, allowing you to change the amount and quality of reverb
  5. New patented technology, no other similar products


  1. No effects other than reverb can be obtained
  2. Unable to finely adjust reverb type and parameters
  3. May affect guitar tone and volume
  4. Noise may occur if you hit it hard or swing it around violently.



▼Which one suits you?

What kind of people are each product suitable for?

We will introduce each product separately, so please use this as a reference to decide which product is right for you.

People who are compatible with trans acoustics

  • People who want to use not only reverb but also effects such as chorus and echo
  • People who want to finely adjust effect types and parameters
  • People who want to output effects to headphones or an external amplifier
  • People who are comfortable buying a new guitar
  • People who like digital effect sounds


People who are compatible with natu-reverb

  • People who don't want to change the tone or volume of their acoustic guitar, but want to add a reverb effect
  • People who like analog natural reverb sound
  • People who like an environment where they can enjoy reverb anytime and anywhere without worrying about power supplies or cables.
  • People who want to try out different amounts and qualities of reverb on one guitar
  • People who are interested in new patented technology


Both are products that apply reverb to the raw sound, but I hope you can see that they have different directions.

Simply put, Trans Acoustic is recommended for those who want to play around with settings to the fullest, while Nature Reverb is recommended for those who want to simply enjoy natural sounds.



▼Price comparison

Price is an important consideration.

YAMAHA's transacoustic guitar costs at least 700USD.

There are similar products made by manufacturers other than YAMAHA that are cheaper, but you will need to spend some money to get a new guitar.

On the other hand, Nature Reverb is sold in the 100USD range.

In terms of price, I think Nature Reverb is set up so that you can easily try it out.

\ Good news for guitar and ukulele players! /

Improve the sound of your guitar

Innovative Spring Reverb

Natu-reverb is a revolutionary product that generates reverb on live sound without using electricity.
You can add rich reverb to the raw sound of your regular instrument without any guitar processing required!