Introducing the advantages and disadvantages of aftermarket pickups that add reverb to live sound, and comparisons with other products.


Reverb is essential to enjoying a good sound from an acoustic guitar.

In particular, if you can enjoy reverb with live sound without going through an amplifier, the quality of your playing time at home will instantly improve, and there is no doubt that playing the guitar will be more fun than ever.

In fact, adding reverb to the live sound of an acoustic guitar is not limited to using an aftermarket pickup that adds reverb to the live sound.

In this article, we'll quickly introduce various ways to add reverb to live sound, and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each.



▼How to add reverb to live sound

There are three main ways to add reverb to the raw sound of an acoustic guitar.
First, we will introduce them by category.


# Get a special guitar

The first step is to get a special guitar that can add reverb to the live sound.
In this category, YAMAHA's transacoustic guitars are famous.
When you turn on the power, the effect is output from the built-in vibration speaker, and as a result, you can enjoy the sound as if the effect had been applied to the live sound.
However, in terms of cost, transacoustic guitars that cost at least 80,000 yen or more are not cheap purchases.
Similar products such as the ENYA EA-X1 and James J-700 series may be a little cheaper, but many people still find it difficult to purchase a guitar.



# Install a pickup that supports live sound reverb

For those who want to enjoy live sound reverb on their own guitar rather than buying a new guitar, a pickup that supports live sound reverb may be an option.

  • SKYSONIC R2 Resonance Pickup
  • X2 DOUBLE G0
  • Double OS-1

These products can be purchased for tens of thousands of yen and are more economical than purchasing a dedicated guitar.
However, like other pick-up products, processing is required. It is also necessary to install parts that transmit vibrations to the body, and you may need some tips on how to install the parts.




# Install with analog reverb unit

Whether you choose a dedicated guitar or a pickup that supports live sound reverb, you are still adding digitally processed sounds to your guitar .

However, many people who play acoustic guitar prefer analog to digital.

For such people, we recommend adding an analog reverb unit .

Natu-Reverb is a new patented product developed in Japan that generates natural sound reverb from the body of the guitar just by placing it inside the guitar.
Unlike other methods, it is completely analog and does not use electricity at all , so the appeal is that you can enjoy pure acoustic sound.

Another great feature is that it is compatible not only with acoustic guitars, but also with classical guitars and ukuleles.

In terms of budget, it's in the 10,000 yen range, so I think Nature Reverb is set up to be relatively easy to try out.





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