What is the reputation of Natu Reverb? Explain when you should not buy and disadvantages

Natural Reverb is popular with acoustic instrument lovers

Natural Reverb is a popular item for acoustic guitar, ukulele and classical guitar enthusiasts. This item has the feature of being able to add analog reverb to the raw sound of the instrument, allowing you to enjoy the richer sound of acoustic instruments.

But is it really safe to buy Naturi Reverb? In this article, we will thoroughly explain the people who should not buy Natu Reverb and the disadvantages of Natu Reverb.

■ Precautions and disadvantages of Natu Reverb

Natural Reverbs are popular with many acoustic instrument enthusiasts, but it's important to be aware of some caveats and disadvantages before purchasing.

Not for people looking for digital reverb

Natural reverb is a reverb that takes advantage of the natural vibrations inherent in musical instruments, and is not suitable for those who want flashy reverb effects like digital reverb. Reverb is an image that adds about 20 to 30%, so it is not suitable for those who want to apply deep and flashy reverb.

Reverb only effect

Natural reverb does not have effects such as chorus and delay, so it is not suitable for those who want it. However, it is very suitable for those who do not need much effects other than reverb.

 Benefits of Natu Reverb

After understanding the points to note and disadvantages, let's consider whether the natural reverb is the right item for you. On the contrary, I will introduce the benefits of Natu Reverb.

Natural reverb effect not found in digital

Natural reverb allows you to enjoy the sound of the wood of an acoustic instrument, providing a natural reverb effect. It is attractive that you can enjoy a comfortable performance from the moment you pick up the instrument.
After all, you can get a natural acoustic reverb that cannot be reproduced digitally.

No troublesome wiring or processing

Naturreverb does not require any troublesome work such as wiring and processing, and is very easy to install. Therefore, you can easily enjoy natural reverb. One of the attractions is that even beginners can install it without any problems, so you can easily upgrade the sound quality of your acoustic instrument.

Can be reused for other instruments

The natural reverb also has the advantage that it can be used for other acoustic guitars, ukuleles, and classical guitars you own.

■ Summary

Natural Reverb is a popular item for acoustic instrument lovers, but consider purchasing after understanding the precautions and disadvantages.

It's not for those who want digital reverb and flashy effects, but how much of that sound do you actually need?

If you simply want to enjoy the sound of wood on an acoustic instrument, the natu-reverb is the perfect item.

By using the natural reverb, it is possible to maximize the reverberation of acoustic instruments and expand the range of performances. That natural sound is something special that can only be obtained with the natu-reverb. Experience the joy of playing music and take advantage of the natural reverb to maximize the appeal of acoustic instruments.